Together We Bring An


To The Industry

With years of experience throughout the aerospace industry, we have come together to collaborate and change the way our ERP system works for your business.

We began as a consulting service to aviation repair stations with their ERP system. Along the way it has been asked more about customizations to their system and then Inceptum Components was born. For years we built add-on applications to legacy ERP systems like Pentagon in which we still have companies using our add-ons to help their system today. After several years and hundreds of add-on applications, it became clear to us that we need to make a change to the way ERP system run. So we decided to build our own ERP system from all the knowledge we learned from the needs of the industry. Our journey with Evolve ERP System began over 6 years ago with a small development team here in South Florida. Our go live to the public was Jan 1st, 2020 just as COVID-19 was coming to the US and devastated the market. But this did not hold us back nor stop us as we continued to build our system stronger and stronger with the amazing features and diversity it now has.

We know we are the “New guys on the block” and competing with the old legacy system you already know is not an easy task. However, what we’ve put together is simply amazing and goes beyond what others are doing and there is much more to come with Evolve, which will allow all our customers to benefit.

Meet Our Team


Wayne Benhart



Errol Torres

Director of Business Development


Weijie Liu

Senior Systems Engineer